Vaping has rapidly grown in popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. But why make the switch? What are the real advantages of using vape devices compared to conventional combustible cigarettes?

This blog will explore the top 8 reasons why vaping can be a better choice by looking at scientific evidence on its health impacts, convenience, versatility and more.

1. Less Harmful Than Smoking

Vaping products are generally considered less harmful than combustible cigarettes because they do not produce smoke or combustion byproducts. Extensive research by health bodies like Public Health England has consistently shown vaping exposes users to significantly lower levels of dangerous chemicals than cigarette smoking. For example, cigarette smoke contains high concentrations of carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and acrylamide – often at levels several hundred times greater than found in vapour.

By avoiding combustible tobacco, vapers can reduce exposure to these toxins and carcinogens by over 95%. In fact, Public Health England estimates vaping poses only 5% of the health risks of smoking.

The evidence clearly indicates switching from cigarettes to quality vaping devices can substantially reduce health risks – an important consideration for any smoker.

2. Superior Nicotine Experience

Vaping provides a superior nicotine experience to cigarettes by allowing users to customize aspects like the amount of nicotine, flavours, and vapour volume. In such a case, one can fine-tune the delivery method and strength to find what best satisfies their nicotine craving in a far more efficient and potentially less risky manner than conventional cigarettes.

Vaping allows for more flexibility in customizing the nicotine experience. E-liquids are available in a wide range of nicotine concentrations, from 24mg/mL down to 0mg for nicotine-free versions.

This broad variety allows you to match nicotine delivery to your personal preferences and needs. Advanced heating technologies, like VAPORESSO’s innovative COREX system, heat e-liquid more evenly for pure flavour and satisfying vapour.

The optimized Morph-Mesh structure and Cumulus cotton coils deliver a smooth and consistently enjoyable nicotine experience from the first puff to the last.

By giving users greater control, vaping can aid cigarette smokers in gradually transitioning away from high nicotine levels in a step-down approach aligned with their goals.

3. No Secondhand Smoke Risk

Secondhand cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, many toxic and carcinogenic. This leads to 46,000 deaths from heart disease and 3,400 lung cancer deaths in non-smokers annually. Vaping produces no hazardous smoke, only aerosol. Leading health groups, including the UK Royal College of Physicians, have acknowledged vaping poses no discernible risks to bystanders through secondhand exposure.

For vapers courteous enough to avoid blowing clouds in public spaces, this eliminates the dangers cigarette secondhand smoke poses to others – especially children and the elderly. Vaping can reduce health risks not just for users but for the general public as well.

4. Reduced Fire Risk

Cigarettes remain a leading cause of fatal fires due to careless disposal of lit tobacco products. The CDC reports over 1,000 smoking-related fire deaths occur annually in the US.

Vapes do not require an open flame or generate combustion. With no lit ember to spread, vaping effectively eliminates smoking-material fire hazards.

Statistics indicate smoking causes over 25% of fire deaths in the US and 10% of fire-related casualties. By avoiding this major fire risk, vaping once again provides increased safety for users and non-users alike.

5. Aids Smoking Cessation

For the nearly 40 million adults looking to quit smoking, vaping can be an effective aid. A 2020 clinical review found vaping had a 50-70% higher smoking abstinence rate compared to nicotine replacement therapies.

Nicotine satisfaction reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms during the quitting process. The hand-to-mouth ritual mimics motions smokers are accustomed to. Flavours make the experience more enjoyable than traditional cessation aids. With the right motivation and technique, vaping facilitates kicking the cigarette habit for good.

6. Eco-Friendly

Cigarette butts are a massive environmental problem, with an estimated 4.5 trillion butts becoming toxic litter each year. Most contain plastic filters not readily biodegradable.

Vaping produces comparatively little waste. Environmentally conscious companies promote sustainability through recycling and proper disposal programs that minimize any vaping environmental impact.

VAPORESSO’s VAPORESSO Care initiative allows the recycling of used devices and vaping materials in an environmentally friendly manner. This replaces cigarettes’ careless pollution with conscientious ecological awareness.

7. Cost Savings

Let’s break down the potential savings when switching from smoking to vaping:

The numbers show vaping can save well over $2,500 per year compared to a pack-a-day smoking habit. With just a one-time device investment, vaping provides substantial long-term cost savings in addition to health and safety benefits.

8. Flavor Variety

While cigarettes offer a harsh, singular tobacco taste, vapour products provide a vast array of e-liquid flavours that enhance enjoyment. Popular options include fruity blends like mango, dessert flavours like rich crème brûlée, cool mint, traditional tobacco, and many more.

The wide flavour selection available for vaping caters to different palates. Flavours also mask the harshness of nicotine, making vaping more pleasant for transitioning away from traditional cigarettes.

Vapers can buy pre-made e-liquids with any flavour profile imaginable. For even more customization, DIY vape juice kits allow you to mix your own signature flavours according to your personal taste preferences. You can experiment with PG/VG ratios, nicotine levels, and combinations of concentrates to create unique blends not available commercially.

The incredible variety of pre-made and customizable DIY e-juice flavours make vaping an endlessly customizable experience. Tweaking flavours and creating unique flavour profiles are key parts of the enjoyment for many dedicated vaping enthusiasts.


In review, vaping provides reduced harm, customization of one’s nicotine experience, improved safety and cost savings compared to combustible cigarettes. For smokers seeking an alternative, vaping possesses clear advantages that aim to make the switch an easy choice.

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